Horror Stories: Terrifyingly REAL Stories of True horror & Chilling- Murders [My Review]

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Horror Stories coverHorror Stories: Terrifyingly REAL Stories of True horror & Chilling- Murders  

By Best Selling horror author Hannah J Tidy

This book it a compilation of the scariest real horror ever documented by anyone…

…It is one of the scariest book Hannah has ever research and written on to date!

Some of the stories contained in this book are:

  • Disturbing exorcisms gone Wrong!
  • Serial Killers
  • Chilling Cannibles found on the dark web that still walks our streets till this day!
  • Unexplainable Disapearinaces

and much much more chilling Horror stories

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Here is an excerpt is taken from the book Now Reader description is advised.

These are not recommended for young or squeamish readers, we have tried to remove some of the gruesome facts for this article…

Serial Killer Cannibal… 

horror storiesOn September 1, 2003, he broke into the home of an elderly couple in the wealthy district.

He killed the husband and then moved on to the wife, who he also killed.

His weapon of choice was a hammer…

…He made the crime look like a robbery-murder but didn’t actually take any cash from the house thereby puzzling the authorities.

What the authorities found next was chilling…

He in fact not only killed but also had eaten the parts of the victims.

The killer had consumed the liver and several other body parts…

…His crimes were so horrific he was added to the list of the worst serial killers in the world. 

After his release, he descended into the complete criminal life. Killing 21 people in ten months!

I give the book two thumbs up…

horror storiesThis is a good book to keep you up at night, I give this book a thumbs up…

  • It goes into detail with the stories
  • It is well-written and easy to read
  • and the stories are true horror stories

What previous readers are saying about Horror Stories…

Prepare to be scared and feel goosebumps when you start to read this book that consists of seven horror stories about unsolved murder cases..

…if you are ready to be awake for the whole night after reading the book then this is perfect for you.



This one kept me up later than usual. Well written and truly scary


Loved this book, couldn’t put it down until the end.

-April Switzer

Well, I chewed this one up and spit it out! I didn’t want to put the book down until it ended. I really enjoyed the theme of it. I do wish it was longer, but for short, it was a very good read.


Here are some F.A.Q…

Q: Where can I get a copy of Horror Stories 

A: On Amazon through this link here


Q: How long is the book?

A: The book is about 200 pages long


Q: Is this book for Children?

A: No, Horror Stories is for Adults, due to the content.


Q: Is the book sold only in digital format?

A: No, The book is sold in paperback versions as well and also audio version


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